Welcome to International Springs Ltd.: Distributor of Disc Springs and Belleville Washers.

We carry a large stock of standard sizes. We can also supply custom sizes in small runs and specialty material including Stainless Steel, 17-7 PH and Inconel.

We serve a wide spectrum of industry including oil and gas, heavy construction equipment, mining equipment, metal stamping, valves, electronics etc.

Engineering Solutions... that work.

Did You Know?

Disc Springs are conically formed angular Discs, which are loaded in the axial direction. Disc Springs offer a well developed solution to many engineering problems.

Belleville washers also called conical spring washers are manufactured as per DIN 6796 and are designed specifically for Heavy Duty Bolted section such as Bus Bars, Transformers, Rectifiers, Heat Exchangers, Transmission, etc. These washers are intended to counteract the effect of setting which results in bolt/nut assemblies working loose.