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Did You Know?

Ball bearing washers: Ball-Bearing washers are used with radial Ball bearings to minimize vibration and shaft deflection. Proper preloading will increase bearing rigidity and eliminate excessive wear & tear and running noise.

Serrated Washers are Disc Springs with Trapezoidal Cross Section on both sides for gripping. Serrated safety washers are ready to fit washers to sustain preload and avoid loosening. As the bolt is tightened the serrations crunch into the mating faces and prevents the screw from loosening up due to vibration.

LockRite Washers are used in Pairs. Both Washers have Radial Teeth and are assembled opposite to each other. LockRite Washers can be used with Bolts and Threaded Holes. When using with bolts and nuts one pair should be used on either side. LockRite Washers eliminate the use of Adhesive for Locking as it automatically secures the joints.